welcome to mgchat page!
MGChat is a chat developed by FeejoSoft team, thinked for small/medium/big communities or single users who want to put a cool chat system on their sites!
MGChat can easily host thousands of users (according to hosting server hardware specs)

MGChat has been tested on major browsers, but it should run virtually on any browser supporting java applets.
It maybe installed on any linux server with Apache and Mysql (or Oracle)

Server part is built on powerful Bahamut IRCD (used on Dalnet irc networks), written in C, heavily modified by our team
Note: according to Bahamut GPL license, full sources must be available. Click here to download our modified version
Client part is written in java and requires at least Java runtime 1.4
MGChat main features:
  1. powerful server daemon written in 100% pure C. Bahamut IRC server can have its administrators that can control chat system at low level (user bans, automatic akills etc)
  2. fast, cool and easy to use client written in java (see demo)
  3. graphics and sounds are totally configurable through an easy configuration file
  4. animated smiles and sounds support
  5. multirooms support; each user can join up to 15 rooms!
  6. private messages support; you can chat privately with another user ;)
  7. users data are stored in Mysql/Oracle databases and maybe read from your dynamic pages
  8. each user will have his own custom avatar
  9. each user can login to chat with his own username/password; admins can disable/enable users account
  10. only one login session is allowed with each account, this means each user cannot open several browsers page and load lot of clones ;)
For prices and licensing drop us a mail support@feejo.com
In order to test the chat, login with an username from test1000 to test1500 and same password

For example, login: test1340, password: test1340